1. All attendees must register prior to auction. Bidders must provide a photo ID and must obtain a bid #.

2. Tenant(s) of the unit being auctioned and/or their spouse, relatives, friends, acquaintances, attorneys, agents, or representatives of any kind are prohibited from attending the auction.

3. Payment must be paid in full at auction with cash, credit card (VISA,MC,Discover,Am Exp. only), cashiers check
or money order. Purchaser agrees to remove all purchased items and leave unit broom cleaned. Any purchased items not removed within 24 hours after the sale will be considered abandoned property and may be sold or disposed of without further notice by Bykerk Southbelt Storage, LLC.

4. All property is purchased “as is” with no warranties and no refund policy. Bidders “take their own risks”
when they knowingly bid on a unit/item based solely on a small visual inspection of the property. No one is
allowed to enter the unites) or touch any items until completion of the auction.

5. The auction sale is held “with reserve”. This allows the auctioneer to remove any items/units from sale right
up until the time the auction sale is completed. A sale is defined to be “completed” as of the time the bidder
pays Bykerk Southbelt Storage, LLC for the property and the property has been removed from the facility.

6. High bidder(s) must return to Bykerk Southbelt Storage LLC any personal items that may be found in the
items purchased that would not be of value to the bidder(s). This includes such items as photo albums, family
documents, etc.

7. Bykerk Southbelt Storage LLC reserves the right to accept or reject all bids and to auction units as a whole,
by individual or group items or a combination of both. Auction may be conducted as a silent or sealed bid type or online at www.storagebattles.com

8. Auctions with no/low attendance, no bids or low, rejected bids have the option of disposing ofthe unit’s
contents by other means.

9. Unusual items that may be discovered in the unit will be handled by the proper authorities before the sale
continues (police, fire department, federal authority, etc.).

10. If a sale is proceeding, but verification of a bankruptcy is outstanding, Bykerk Southbelt Storage, LLC can
choose to either stop the sale entirely or invoke a “bid and hold” process which will allow the completion of the
sale but requires the high bidder(s) to hold the property at Bykerk Southbelt Storage, LLC for 48 hours to allow
the tenant to verify the bankruptcy. If the tenants can confirm the court filing, the sale will be considered void.