Storage is a part of American life. Most Americans will store their belongings at one point in their lives, and it’s particularly important to have a safe, clean place to store your things when your life is in transition – whether that’s going back to college, moving for work, or selling or renovating a house. For many items, renting an indoor storage space is a very satisfactory option. As long as the unit is secure, clean, and dry, you can easily store things like:

  • Toys and DVDs
  • Dishes, kitchenware, and silverware
  • Linens
  • Clothing
  • Holiday decorations
  • Business inventory
  • Seasonal items like ski equipment
  • Season equipment like lawnmowers and leaf blowers

Some items, however, must be kept in a climate controlled storage unit in order to remain unspoiled and in good condition. What does “climate controlled” mean exactly? It means, in addition to keeping the unit dry, safe, and free from pests and wind, the temperature and the humidity inside are also carefully controlled.

Bykerk maintains the temperature of our climate controlled storage between 56 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and we keep the humidity below 55 percent. This prevents your items from being subjected to temperature fluctuations of up to 100 degrees when Michigan’s weather goes to extremes and stops mildew and mold from forming and destroying your valuables. Some of the items listed above are susceptible to mildew if the humidity gets too high. Anything made from paper or fabric can mold or mildew if it gets wet or damp, and electronics do not do well with humidity either. Heat is another danger. It can warp, split or crack wood and damage paint.

Consider whether you’ll be storing your items for the short or long term when deciding what kind of unit to rent. It’s one thing to put your clothes and computer in an indoor storage unit for a month in May, and it’s another to leave them there for years. If you do not control the humidity in the unit, anything will begin to smell like it’s been stored in a basement if it’s left there long enough. It’s easy enough to throw toys into the washing machine, but a silk dress is another matter entirely.

Climate controlled storage is more expensive than indoor storage, but some items that are very valuable should only be stored in climate controlled storage. Replacing them would be more costly than paying more to store them. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are safe from harm is worth the expense. These kinds of valuables would include:

  • Musical instruments
  • Antiques
  • Wood furniture
  • Electronics
  • Wine
  • Art

Bykerk Southland Storage offers climate controlled storage units to people living in the Greater Grand Rapids metro area, including Wyoming, Kentwood, Grandville, and Ada. We’re located in Caledonia, minutes from M-6, I-96, and downtown Grand Rapids. Call us today to learn more about our indoor, outdoor, and climate controlled storage options!